Project presentation

Youth for Soap is an original and innovative idea of the apprentices of “Espace Entreprise” of the business school in Geneva.

The project is a non profit initiative who wants to avoid waste by collecting the usaged soaps of hotels in order to recycle them.

These soaps are then redistributed to disadvantaged people living in Geneva or in case of surplus to humanitarian associations active in developing coutries.

The soap is recycled by some of the beneficiaries of the foundation “Fondation Ensemble” as part of a protected workshop which makes possible skills development useful in their daily lives and the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

We give priority to short circuits and we favor transport by the bicycles of the association “Caddies Service”.

The production process of the recycled soaps was developped thanks to the work of the chemistry students team from HEIA at Fribourg. Controls on soaps lots are regularly made by the private laboratory Amicolab.