Our supporters

AMICOLAB SA is a laboratory of microbiology independent accredited according ISO-CEI 17025 specialized in analysis, advices, formation and management of qualities in the agro-alimentary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, hygiene of the building and hospitality hygiene.


Dorada Services SA, is a kitchen installation expert in activity over 60 years, Dorada provides products and kitchen supplies for hotels, restaurants, communities, associations, etc…


Caddie Service is an association recognized of public benefit founded on May 2007 thanks to a public and private partner between towns and tradespeople and social institutions of the state and social institutions.

Caddie Service offers delivery services at home ( or company ) in electric bikes with trailers for purchases that are made from the small and big businesses in the areas served.

It’s goal is to bring socially excluded population back to the workplace.


Founded in 1876 known as the School of industrial arts, some years later became known as School of decorative arts, the CFPArts provides training to future jewelers, ceramists, designers, interactive media designers, fashion designers, dancers, interior architects, 3D designers and poly designers.