One person out of four suffers from poverty in Switzerland. After paying their bills some people, even employees, don’t have money left to buy food or clothing. Fondation Partage offers food and basic hygiene products to them and Youth for Soap deliver soap.

On February 20th 2019 the Youth for Soap team – Espace Entreprise’s trainees and  workers with disabilities producing the soap – visited the Fondation Partage.

Partage is a food bank in Geneva, created in 2005. Their goal is to fight against food waste and help people in need.

After a visit of their facilities, Youth for Soap team donated soaps to be distributed by the Fondation Partage team to the associations and organizations that take care of those in need.

The team was saddened to see how much the need has grown over the years. Today Fondation Partage collects and redistributes over 1000 tons of food and hygiene products every year in Geneva.