Kits Hygiène is a recent association. It was created in February 2020 by two committed women Sandra Cherpillod et Catherine Blanchard. Their goal is to help homeless women by offering them hygiene kits with soap, shampoo, and most importantly, hygienic protection such as tampons, pads and cups. 

Society tends to generalize the fact that most homeless people are men, however there are many women in this situation. These women suffer a greater judgment than the men and therefore they will tend to hide and live in fear. In 2019, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, there were more or less 500 homeless women. Furthermore, a woman alone in the street can be dealing with a number of issues. The violence they undergo from men is what comes out. In addition, from a hygienic point of view, they do not have the necessary protection during their period. Youth for Soap wants to help these women by giving Kits Hygiène our recycled soaps so that they can put them inside their kits. The soaps they want us to deliver are heart shaped. It is a way for us to show them our support.