Espace Entreprise is a training center for commercial professional practice attached to the Ministry of Education of Geneva State (DIP). Each year approximately 2’400 students from the 4 public commercial schools in Geneva are trained in the premises of Espace Entreprise. This unique center allows students to get their first professional experience by working for clients coming from the public and private sectors (non profit) and willing to contribute to grooming future young professionals. Their 3 years education program prepares the students to get their. Federal Capacity Certificate, the most important professional diploma in Switzerland.

The trainees working on the Youth for Soap project are in charge of all aspects related to logistics, project management, communication and administration.

Founded in 1896, at the cutting edge of technology, the University of engineering and architecture of Fribourg trains the engineers and architects (HES) of tomorrow.

The chemistry students designed the recycling process of the soap. They collaborate regularly on the project and provide their expertise in order to ensure the highest standards of quality are respected.

The “Fondation Ensemble” is a foundation, created in Geneva in 1986 by the Geneva Association of Parents and Friends of mentally handicapped persons (APMH), currently “Insieme” Geneva, aims to provide care for people with intellectual disabilities, whether or not they have a disability or other troubles. It provides them with reception, accommodation, education, training and day care.

The foundation hosts our soap machine workshop and a team of adults is dedicated to the cleaning and recycling of soaps.

Caddie Service is an association recognized of public benefit founded on May 2007 thanks to a public and private partner between towns and tradespeople and social institutions of the state and social institutions.

Caddie Service offers delivery services at home ( or company ) in electric bikes with trailers for purchases that are made from the small and big businesses in the areas served.

It’s goal is to bring socially excluded population back to the workplace.