The Ensemble Foundation

The workshop is at the Fondation Ensemble, with the necessary machines for recycling soap.

This is where a dozen people with intellectual disabilities, accompanied by specialized educators, will clean the soaps – that is to say remove the first layer used – reduce them to powder, heat them and pass them through an extruder to take out new soaps.        

One of the values ​​of Youth for Soap is inclusion, which is why empowering these people to learn new skills and engage with us is very important.

Thanks to their involvement in the process, everyday actions become easier for them, for example putting on gloves. People have to wear gloves when making soap, some of them didn’t know how to do it or couldn’t. Which became problematic in winter. Thanks to the workshop, they learned new skills.

In addition, as Guillaume, one of the beneficiaries who works in the workshop, testifies, he appreciates small everyday things that seem harmless to us, such as having his coffee in the morning with his colleagues.

The apprentices interact regularly with the Ensemble team, coming to give them a hand, and when they come to visit the premises of the Espace Entreprise, which we all very much enjoyed. These meetings are the richness of our project.